Only God Can Save Nigeria, What A Myth

Only God Can Save Nigeria, What A Myth

Thursday, 21 May 2015

“Only God Can Save Nigeria, What A Myth”…… is another masterpiece from Dr. Sunday Adelaja .It is just another religious book but a pragmatic book that proffers practical solutions to the challenges bedeviling not only Nigeria but the African continent. The book started by enlightening the reader on the fact that the responsibility for the transformation of Nigeria, the African continent and any nation on earth no longer lies in the hands of God but in the hands of mortal man. It reiterates the fact that the earth is the man’s jurisdiction and that man is god on earth in the same way that God is God in heaven.

This fact is buttressed by the following passage culled from the book – “while men were crying and calling on God to do something about a situation on earth, God in turn knowing fully well that He has handed the reigns and control of this world into the hands of men was waiting on man. He was waiting with a heavy heart for men to turn around and do something about the situation. And in those cases except a man stood up to the situation and faced it headlong, nothing got done.

For example, the case of Bill Gates who took it upon himself to eradicate polio totally from the face of the earth. He set about this mission using the vehicle of his foundation; Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He partnered with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative made up of 4 spearheading organizations comprising of the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Together with several other partners, they have successfully reduced polio’s outbreak by 99% and they are on course to eradicate it completely by the year 2018! As of now, polio has been totally eradicated from India where just barely few years ago they had the worst outbreak recording as much as 150,000 cases in a year.”

As powerful and insightful as this cited passage it is just one of the many thought provoking statements in the book.The book progresses by challenging the more than 80 million Christians in Nigeria to SAVE NIGERIA by taking responsibility for their nation rather than continually crying to God day and night to save Nigeria. Why does God need to save Nigeria again when he has saved more than of its population. What is also interesting about this book is that it does not just paint a gory picture of the problem but rather it outlines in a concise way the practical steps needed for national transformation. Citing the example of the transformation in Dubai, the author convinces the reader that national transformation is neither a myth nor a delusion but an achievable goal.

At a time Nigeria is technically in a recession, I believe that no better book could have been published at this hour. This book is prophetic and I can feel the wind of change blowing upon the nation of Nigeria and the continent of Africa. Dr. Sunday Adelaja has written a lot of bestsellers like Pastoring without tears, ChurchShift, Kingdom driven Life and Money won’t make you rich all of which I have read but in my view this is Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s best book ever written.

I recommend this book to every Nigerian, every African and every citizen of the world.


Omiyale Yomi
Minister, Lighthouse International Christian Center.

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