Ogo Ola

30 October 2016
Ogo Ola
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  • Babatunmise
  • SpagettiRecords
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Ogo Ola

Multiple awards winning praise and worship leader, Agboola Babatunmise popularly known as BABATUNMISE (Priest Of Praise) is here with yet another single titled ‘OGO OLA’. The energetic and anointed praise leader, proves to the world with this new single that he is not only a praise machine but also a devoted worshipper.

Just preceding the release of #theYESalbum which was earlier announced to premiere on the 30th of October 2016 comes another spirit filled single that would not just leave you dancing this time but lead you straight into the holies of holies and leave you worshiping without recovering from the encounter.
OGO OLA’ features one of Nigeria’s finest music ministers, KENNY KORE. This is more than a song… It’s the definition of WORSHIP. Chains Will break, the lame will walk, the barren will conceive, jaw breaking miracles will happen as we give Glory to Tsidkenu…

The legendary TYANX produced this one.

“Ogo Ola Re,
Aiku, aisa, aidibaje,
Ogo ola Re,
Ayeraye Oba”